About icoo


"Icoo is an android based mobile app helps to track advertisement. "



Admin controls all activities in the website.
Any organization head mentioned here as main organizer. Other members of ICOO who all are part of a same organization together mentioned as organizer.
All people including organizer who download and use the Mobile app mentioned here as users at the time of using Application.  
An event is a complete registration of a physically visible advertisement that is physically placed in a location.  
Event provoke is the reappearance of an event in the notification area in the application as desired by the organizer in a given dates and given times.  
Working process:
First the organizer need to sign up through the website using New user sign up link inside that press organization button to get the registration form. 
Once registration process completed complementary slots are allocated by the admin to their account within 2 business working days at the maximum.
After slots allowed other organizers of the same firm can sign in using individual login.
Once slots are allocated to owner account, other organizers can add main organizer selecting company following the organizer e-mail.
Once main organizer accepts the request then main organizer can allot slots to other organizers.
Once slots are allocated to other organizers, other organizers need to login to mobile app and start adding events up to there limits.
Slots help to create events and there by pic the geographical location where your ad is physically located.
To track any particular owned advertisement, first the organizer need to visit that particular location to configure the details in the application. The configuration form can be viewed inside the application menu, "Event Config". The configuration will complete once you set the picture of the ad that you need to track and pick the ad location by press pic location to fix that location of that particular ad. Once the location is fixed and configuration process complete organizer need to provoke that event by mentioning how long and when the event need to appear in the notification area. 
Anybody who use the app with an internet facility enter in to 1km radius from the point where the location is fixed they get alert about that particular ad in there ICOO app notification area.
Notification appears only depending upon on the organization/ organizer interest like in which date which time organization need to track ad.
Once a notification appear in the notification area user need to click on the camera button and take pictures of what organization showed in the notification area and post it if the user send any invalid picture organization have the right to reject your picture.